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Luxembourgish language teacher


Jeannine loves her job passionately. She helps adults as well as children in nurseries to learn Luxembourgish.
Her enthusiasm is contagious and motivates people to jump over their shadow and push their boundaries. She empathetically ensures that her courses are not only knowledge-sharing, but also actively and joyfully tested on the ground.
In addition to her language courses, she has developed so many materials that help people learn Luxembourgish. This is how it came about, among other things, in this book. And with that came a new concept, with which one learns a new language quickly and easily and in a very natural way.
There are courses that have nothing to do with the traditional and school system. With special exercises the brain is prepared for the absorption of the new language and it is learned in a very fun and exciting way, through varied activities in which all the senses are used.
These courses are held in her language school, which
she founded in 2015.
She has also made a name for herself as a trainer in the field of continuing education in the context of multilingualism and crèche. She offers staff training in the field of education recognized by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth.
As a mental coach and speaker, she is also very fond of booking, as she convinces in a refreshing way through her immediately applicable and practical advice.


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